Membership for practicing optometrists

Membership with the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) provides extensive and impactful benefits for your career in optometry. Representing the majority of Ontario optometrists we provide benefits including peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and career support. 

OAO offers competitive insurance coverage, emergency funding and other safety nets for a secure future. This is made possible by the strength of our combined buying power. Some benefits include:

     • Timely updates regarding changes to OHIP coverage, scope of practice regulations and schedule of benefits.
     • Monthly e-mail newsletter from the OAO President.
     • Personalized assistance on OHIP billing issues and government legislation.
     • Best-in-class comprehensive professional liability insurance coverage in the province.
     • Members’ only website portal, including access to multiple clinical resources.
     • Reduced rates for attendance to OAO’s Annual Symposium & InfoMart and other regular events.
     • Participation in OAO’s children's vision awareness program, Eye See...Eye Learn®.
     • Access to high-quality, members-only online learning for continuing education credit.

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How can I join?

Click here to access OAO membership dues. 

To apply for OAO membership, please complete the following forms. Submission instructions can be found in the membership application form: 

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Eye See… Eye Learn®

Eye See… Eye Learn provides information and coverage for children having their vision checked as they enter school for the first time.

OAO membership

Membership provides many benefits, including continuing education, career support, insurance and more.